shadowyreminder said: Can you say kians&jcs&rickys snapchats??

Then I was like:

swifferme (kian)


chamclouder (Jc)

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racannsep said: Hey I have Jc and Ricky's snapchat. I was wondering if you know Conor's, Kian's, Sam's and Trevor's? Thanks babe -xo

Then I was like:


swifferme (kian)



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Me too fake-sunflowerr

😍 kiwiwawey
curseofcaylen said: Lol thank you for everything and awee really?!? I love yours too!!!

Then I was like:

Ya! When you said that I unfollowed I immediately went to your blog to see if it was true! Aww thank you!

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beatriz8silva said: this tumblr is life

Then I was like:


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curseofcaylen said: You were the first person to follow me therefore my favorite person even though you unfollowed me

Then I was like:

Oh my god I’m so sorry I unfollowed! If I did it was on accident! Followed back tho❤️ I remember being the first person to follow you too! I told everyone to follow you lol. I’m so sorry tho. I love your blog btw❤️

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*dislocates fingers in affection*

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